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Animation & Interactive Touchscreen

Technical / Engineering visual communication 

Working as a product designer communicating concepts from your mind to reality can be challenging. 

Working with a lot of engineering and technology-based companies a need for better communication tools becomes apparent.  I started to teach myself animation and visual effects to enhance the companies presentation experiences to customers.


The key was to create content that communicated the concept effectively and in a way that a wide range of people would understand increasing the likelihood of a sale.


This is a 360 panoramic video. Drag your mouse to look around the room. 

This shop design was done to help sell the final solution to the client and help the builders to understand the correct design the client was wanting. 

Technical / Engineering visual communication from a pharmaceutical view 


Current Position: Thermofisher Scientific

I created an overall touch screen presentation showing the process of the clinical trial and all the steps it goes through. Packaging a vast amount of information into rich visual experience communicates much more effectively opening up more potential sales.  

​I wanted the people who were on the floor and directly managing the projects to show what they do and the passion they have for the job. 

​Having an expert of that department talking to the client directly, using animations and special effects, I visually took the user through the process in a way anyone could understand, be engaged, and be memorable. 

Technical / Engineering visual communication from a mining view

Working at H2S we were approached by the South African government to create a technical communication video to sell a concept for a Titanium factory in the Cape area. This factory would use the waste products from an existing factory to create the final product - a closed-looped system, the first of its kind. This video was part of a package that secured a new trade deal between Brazil, India, China, and Russia.   

Audio is on mute

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