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CV Charles Drake

Key Skills

  • Product Design

  • Project Management

  • Shopfitting Design & Manufacturing

  • Concept Sketching

  • Exhibition Design

  • Digital signage

  • Presentations communication

  • Animation and visualisations

  • Interactive platforms

  • 3D architectural cloudscanning processing for building and shops


A passionate, innovative, and result-oriented designer with extensive experience in industrial design, point of sale, digital visualizations, and corporate communication media. I have a keen understanding for managing projects from concept to manufacturing.

As a creative and driven professional, I am dedicated to continuous learning and professional development

Career history

ThermoFisher Scientific – Creative Design Engineer                                                                                                                  2016 to present

Key responsibilities

  • Innovative packaging design with attention to specific requirements of drugs and logistics involved;

  • Implementing new software for VR systems and communication animations across the company.


  • Created and implemented interactive virtual tour to explaining the company for sales and client audits; presentation to the global CEO;

  • Created JIGS for production, produced through 3D printing, lowering tool costs substantially.


CDD Interactive – Consulting and Freelance Designer                                                                                                                  2013 to 2016

Key responsibilities

  • Product design development, communication graphics, digital visualisation, new product implementation, timelines, risk assessments, and market penetration strategies.

  • Industries covered: shopfront design, brand management, instore digital management for sales, and customer experience design.


  • Consulted for the Innovation Hub of South Africa to help start-ups refine their products and create communication systems to help raise capital from private investors;

  • Design for an educational game station for electrical engineering ( I was able to cut production cost by almost 50% through design changes and get the product to market two years ahead of schedule by using other types of manufacturing techniques.

  • Architectural Renders: Created renders for an Australian kit home building company.


ManmadeSA – Industrial Designer                                                                                                                                                 2010 to 2012

Key responsibilities

  • Product design and drawings (industry: shop fitting, retail, point of sale, digital signage);

  • Management of production, print, and costing.


  • Winning a tender against CISCO. Creating a unique solution for MTN, easy to implement and standing apart from other digital signage systems by using uniquely designed content.


VSV (Virtual Scape Visualisations) / LogiProc – Designer                                                                                                              2008 to 2010

Key responsibilities

  • Creating communication visualisations/animations for engineering, mining (gold, coal and general mining), plant design architectural companies;

  • Proficient engineering CAD design in steel and implementation of 3D CAD modelling;

  • Managing drafting division.


  • Development of a new type of signage advertising system for the biggest media company in South Africa by creating a never-seen before product within timelines and budget.


Heuristic Squared Solutions – Product and Graphics Designer                                                                                                    2008 to 2010

Key responsibilities

  • Visual communication, product design, marketing for investment into start-ups in particular for mining aluminium extrusion and in the industrial sector;

  • Creating unique tools for sales teams, projects or investments, and start-ups.


  • Creating an in-depth animation for a scientific project of international scale. The project was an international collaboration to create a titanium factory using the waste material from a steel producer north of Cape Town. Animation was presented to the presidents of Russia, China, and Brazil, and formed part of a trade deal between Brazil, Russia, india, China and South Africa.

  • Acquiring new clients including BHP, Rio Tino, I3 Group UK, Wallmart, and Autodesk.


University of Johannesburg (2005 to 2008)

  • Diploma in Industrial Design and 3D Design Development


Short Courses

Advanced Materials Technology (A.M.T.)

AutoCAD Intermediate

AutoCAD Revit Architectural

GIS ArcView


Rosebank College Boksburg (2003 to 2004)

  • Certificate in IT Network Engineering (A+ N+ COURSE)


  • English (native)

  • Afrikaans (basic)

  • German (basic)

Software skills


  • Autodesk 3DS Max, Vray / Vray network rendering, Autodesk Inventor / AutoCAD, Solidworks, Unreal Engine



  • Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Encore, Adobe Sound Booth, GRAPHICAL, Adobe Director, Photoshop, CorelDraw / Illustrator

  • Moulding and Mould Design, Plastic Laser cutting Design, Laser cutting Design, Large Scale Printing & Cutting, Woodwork Design, Sheet Steel work

Design Sketching

  • Industrial design Concept Sketching 

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