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Drafting and Manufacturing

Techincal CAD Drafting for manufacturing

  • Plastic / Metal Lasercuting / CNC & Bending

Metal laser cutting for industries like signage retail security systems, manufacturing JIGs kitchen items, etc.

  • Plastic Vacuum Forming for Packaging & Prototyping

I created tool designs for vacuum forming for medical syringe trays and pen injectors as well as for product prototyping and packaging solutions.

  • 3D Printing and Prototyping

I have worked with almost all types of 3D printing. I used 3D prints in conjunction with other methods like silicon prototype molding to create parts that would be close to or identical in quality as fully manufactured parts at a much lower price.

  • Steelwork and Piping Drafting 

I started off in drafting creating 3D and technical drawings for steel structures in the mining industry and BIM projects. I used ilogic in Autodesk Inventor to create an automatic library part system to snap click onto old AutoCad drawings, speeding up modeling time by 5x. 

3D Model Drag your mouse over the image to move it

Model Prototyping 

Product prototyping and small-batch runs

Prototyping is one of the key processes in design but can be one of the most challenging. 

Working with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes I have prototyped a wide range of products and been able to cut prototyping costs considerably. 
Using newly developed polymers and 3D printed techniques, prototypes are made to similar strengths or the same as final production.

Model Prototyping 

Concept to Prototype

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