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Retail and Shopfitting

Tailored solutions

I've been working with clients asking for unique solutions within a limited timeframe.

One example was FNB, the biggest bank in South Africa, which planned to open branches in India and required a unique solution in a very short time scale. Together with the client, we developed conceptual ideas for a mobile bank branch which could survive the harsh streets of Mumbai. We also created new advertising systems for them, concentrating on the Indian market.

I also worked on very unique shop designs for MTN and Bayport which are one of the largest Mobile Network providers in Africa. 

Designing and manufacturing the products

During my work in the past, I covered the design processes as well as managed manufacturing on the factory floor. This included not just the overall designs but also the graphics for large format printers and flatbed UV printers that could print on glass and other unique material types. I worked with a wide range of materials and manufacturing disciplines, like aluminum systems for banners, picture frames, and window systems. I also covered wood, metalwork laser cutting plastic foam and metals, and injection molding.

Digital media in retail 

With the rise of digital media, combining my skills in animations and product design, I was able to create seamless touchscreen in-store presentations. 

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